Friday, 1 April 2005

Don't listen to him, he's as deaf as a post

Today I have gone deaf. I woke up this morning with a funny ear, and by the time I left for work I was totally deaf on one side. I feel like I'm underwater, or inside a shell. Everything is muffled, and for some reason everyone seems to be moving awkwardly. I'm better outside, but as soon as I'm in an enclosed space, like a room or a lift, then the background droning that I normally can't hear slams into me deaf ear like a wall. My other ear, as if in protest, now has near-super powers. I can hear a pin drop in Swansea. Even typing this is murder to my left, good ear. I answered my phone just now, and it was a phone ringing behind me, that's how loud it sounded.

I am going home soon, and maybe the doctors. I wish I could just float back as if I was underwater.

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