Monday, 2 November 2009

Little Bee Cowl

New pattern! Little Bee stitch is my new fave stitch, it's so cute. I want to knit a swatch in yellow and black like a bee. I'm trying pdfs for my patterns from now on. Hope this works.

There, just click the arrow to download the pdf.

If that doesn't work, try clicking here to download the pdf directly.


SupremeAntBee said...

Thank you! I did a bee cloth dishcloth for my mother, and I loved the pattern. A cowl will be perfect as well!

mono said...

Thanks for sharing! =)

Sachertort said...

Sounds fun, thanks for the pattern.

Anonymous said...

Hello, was looking for a pattern for a cowl in the bee stitch and found your blog. It is a lovely stitch, eh? Nice blog as well. Will try the flat breads with gluten free flour mix and let you know how they turn out. Thanks and hope to see more entries. Regina
Ps. I'm a Star Wars fan, too! :)

Andrew Craig Williams said...

Hi Regina, it really is a lovely stitch - I still haven't tried it in yellow and black yet though!
Thanks for your lovely comments about my blog, I've been a bit slow updating this last year. Hopefully I'll sort that out in 2013.
May the Force be with you! x

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