Thursday, 5 May 2005


27 - number of telephone queries that have resulted from lazy account managers today
18 - number of time I have flicked the bird at my monitor
2 - number if racist comment I have heard today, directed toward a Somali girl in my old department
1 - number of crazy Swedish women who have phoned me today not knowing who they want to speak to
2 - number of hours our fax machine took to fix
11 - number of months fax machine was not working properly
9 - number of days I am behind with work due to holidays/sickness
95- percentage of my time spent here that I hate
43 - amount of minutes it takes me to walk here in the morning

On the other hand:
5 – number of really good friends I have made while working here
2375 – number of pounds a year my salary went up by moving to this department

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