Friday, 10 March 2006


The grey sea heaved in front of them, the slow sound of the waves deadened by the windscreen. Outside the car, rain formed repeating curtains of glittering diamonds swept along the ground in gusts. Dewi clicked the radio on and Amanda quickly turned it off again.
“Why did you do that?” asked Amanda,
“Turn the radio on!”
“Jeez, Mand! I just turned the radio on. It’s quiet, I’m bored.”
“Can’t you just be still and enjoy?”
Dewi rolled his eyes and made a shrugging gesture, meant to indicate ‘whatever’. Amanda knew what he was doing and chose to ignore him, that would wind him up even more, she knew. She was enjoying this, even if they were parked on Aberaeron seafront in the middle of a storm. It was peaceful, and the sooner he chilled out the better.

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