Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Kissed Bethan twice

Back of GWAWR’S car. GARETH and EMYR don’t wear seatbelts.

GWAWR You two okay back there? You’re awful quiet.

GARETH Yes Mam. (To EMYR.) Go on, what did she say?

EMYR Nothin’, she just ‘eld my ‘and…

GWAWR ‘Ow’s your Auntie Brenda, Emyr, after ‘er operation?

EMYR (Deadpan.) Fine thank you Mrs Hughes. (To Gareth.) Oh my

God, Gar, it was amazin’.

GARETH Is she a good kisser then?

EMYR Yeah, she fuckin’ a…

GWAWR (Loudly.) Emyr Thomas! Did I hear you swearing?

EMYR No Mrs Hughes! (Sniggers.)

GWAWR (Smiling.) Lucky for you I didn’t then, isn’t it?

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