Friday, 9 May 2008

Last nite

The Grand Adventures of Nina & Andy - Part III

The usual Thursday night wasabi nuts in 33... you know how it goes, we met Jonny and Julian and some lovely people who like to shoot deer and eat game. Yum. Then on the way to my house (quick stop to change clothes) Nina gets attacked on the road. We were egged! Some dirty chavs in a driveby egging, driving some shit car down Sanquar Street. Cunts.

My house, eating cold chicken, taxi to Canton... brandy and coke, then I made Nina's lunch and played with the cat then back into town for gays and cocktails.

I never need to go back to Exit bar, like James says: Exit is deader than corduroy these days.

So that's it, Part III and we all survived. Saw Nina's belly today (where the egg struck), there's a red mark.

Take heed, egg bastards, we'll get you. We always get you in the end.


Anonymous said...

I got egged once.. and a drive by egging it was too. Must have been speeding or something ( at least 50 mph) . Nina was a lucky girl, I had a huge welt and later discovered that the bone in my arm where the egg hit was chipped.

The eggy bastards were never caught perhaps they were one and the same... they may be driving from city to city exacting their eggs torment on unsuspecting passers by.

Anonymous said...

Nina has asked me to point out that this is the 4th time she's been egged since moving to Cardiff!

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