Wednesday, 4 February 2009

South Island

Well, today is our last full day on the South Island, and marks the end of the busy part of the holiday. We're sailing back up north tomorrow, and the wedding is on Saturday the 7th. After the wedding we're just going to bum around looking at Lord of the Rings locations before flying home on the 12th.
I'm having a great time, but I'm really homesick now. This is the longest and furthest I've ever been away from home and the ones I love, and it's quite difficult, I don't mind admitting.
It's Waitangi day on the 6th, but more importantly for me - it's Patrick's birthday on the 6th. I'm so gutted I'm not there to be celebrating it with him, I'm counting on his friends and family to make sure he has a good time, and I've made sure that I'm back in Wales for Valentine's day!
He wrote in an email to me that this time apart has been good, as his feelings have grown even stronger. So, yes, I ended up crying over another email!

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