Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Podcast 6.0

A piece of soundart I have made to highlight problems faced by deaf people. If a deaf person was to receive a CD through the post, or listen to an advert, they would not be able to hear it - or hear very little of it. I am deaf in one ear, and last year started a British Sign Language course; I am now a level one signer having completed my Foundation Course.

Download here.

This piece of soundart is a conversation recorded today at RNIB Cymru's studios between myself and Nerys Probert, South Wales Group Co-ordinator for Deafblind Cymru. If a hearing person listens to this recording, they will not understand what the conversation was about - also, it is not accessible for deaf people either. I want to question, and raise the question of, accessibility; something I am passionate about.

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