Thursday, 11 February 2010

The Nest Project

I’ve been reading about birds’ nests, they are fascinating.
Male bowerbirds make elaborate bowers that they decorate with brightly coloured objects. These can include shells, flowers, coins, pieces of broken glass and sweet wrappers. They make these to attract females, and the males with the best bowers are the ones who stand a chance of procreating. Some hummingbirds make nests that are only two or three centimetres across.
There are nine different types of nest: Scrape, mound, burrow, cavity, cup, saucer, platform, pendant and sphere. A cup nest is the one most people will be familiar with, and a model I’ll be following.
A nest is, by definition, a safe, warm place to keep your babies out of harm’s way. This can be extended to mean somewhere that you yourself feel warm and safe, almost like the Welsh word ‘cwtsh’ (which has no exact English translation. It can mean, variously: a hug or cuddle; a safe, warm place; as a verb – ‘cwtsh in’ means to wrap up warm in blankets or bed; it also means a dog’s basket or sleeping place. It rhymes with the English word ‘butch’).
I’ve made a list of all the houses and flats I’ve ever lived, and all the places I’ve ever called home, such as my grandparents’ houses. I plan to crochet a nest to represent every house, and take photographs of them with on a wooden floor or board, with printed labels - just like a Victorian ornithologist.

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