Friday, 12 March 2010

Folksy Friday *12th March 2010*

My first ever Folksy Friday. I don't know how I managed to escape seeing one of these before, but it's a brilliant idea. Most people who do a Folksy Friday choose a theme, and seeing as I've been putting magickal, fairytale, folkloric things for sale in my shop -I thought I'd use that as a theme. Magick.

Okay, from top left:
A lovely, chunky fairy necklace.
Beautiful handmade wands (I'm coverting the 'night sky' one. Hint hint).
Lovely pewter broomstick brooch, perfect for a witch with a hot date!
The most adorable baby dragon I've ever seen. I can't believe how reasonable priced they are aswell, they must take absolutely ages to make.
Runic Candlesticks from Treecycle. They look properly magickal, and so beautiful.
An exquisite hand-turned wooden dip pen, would be perfect for writing out spells in magickal ink.

Go and have a look at these fantastic items (before someone else snaps them up)!


Hilary said...

great selection, my favourite is the wooden dip pen

- now following you on twitter too :o)

Fee said...

Fabulous picks! I don't think I'd seen any of these items before :)

Love the pewter broom!

maricesworld said...

the baby dragon is brilliant! cool picks..have a magik weekend!!

Chantal Hanna said...

I love the wands!! Great choices :)

Andrew Craig Williams said...

Magickal weekends to you as well! Xx

...and thanks for the follow, Haptree... ;)

Treecycle said...

Hey Andrew, thanks very much for the inclusion, graet selection too!

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