Friday, 1 October 2010

Folksy Friday *1st October 2010*

This week I decided to feature some of my favourite shops (I couldn't think of a theme)!

Marcade Arts Press beautiful little books and instructions on how to make them.

The Birds & The Bees insect houses and hotels. I know I’ve featured it loads of times but love this shop!

Fairfield Gardens soap, skincare and (best of all) magic potions! The lady who runs this is really friendly too.

Bread and Butter some of the best ceramics on Folksy (the caravan is especially cute)!

Come Day Go Day amazingly intricate art in this shop. I love all the pieces.


Lynne Rowe said...

I haven't seen any of these shops before on folksy - that's why I love folksy fridays - I always find something new to love.

Mrs. B. said...

I've only just seen the post (blushes). Thank you so much for featuring us! Glad you like the shop :)

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