Saturday, 17 September 2011

Galargan EP

New EP released today. Free to download from my page

1. Zombi 
2. Casét 
3. 33 
4. Dolenni 

Galargan is a Welsh word that means lament (literally, 'grief song'). Each track is based on a piece of music I wrote in 2003 called Zombie Lament, music for a non-existent zombie film. The EP is inspired by techniques of creating music used by John Cage, Aphex Twin, Michael Nyman, Akira Rabelais, among others. I used the two VSTs I made to create textures and sounds that I then composed these tracks with. 

It's certainly a new direction from the usual silly house music I usually make, but I am quite eclectic in my musical taste! 

All the Fflwcs tracks on are free to download. Please help yourself!

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