Tuesday, 29 October 2013

An apology

I have had an apology from Shaws the Drapers for how my partner and I were treated.

The text reads:

"Dear Mr Williams,

With reference to your visit to our Wellfield Road shop. I was most disappointed to hear of the treatment you received and can only apologize most sincerely.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and our staff are constantly reviewed on this. We have obviously failed you on this occasion. I have spoken to the members of staff concerned about their attitude and have reminded them that customers are the most important aspect of our business.

We have traded now as a family business for over a hundred years and thankfully we do not get many complaints relating to our staff.

I can only apologize once again and woudl like to take this opportunity to thank you for shopping with us at Shaws the Drapers.

Yours sincerely

Philip Shaw

I am very glad that they sent this apology, and yet... no mention respect for their LGBT customers, or that they do not condone homophobia. Oh well, as I said, I am grateful that they did apologise - but sad that in 2013 they needed to.

I am still never going to shop there again.

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