Saturday, 30 November 2013

The shit I have to deal with every day

Julia Gasper is a complete horror, a stain on humanity, the lowest kind of person ever. Read this post. Then read the comment. This is the fucking shit I have to deal with every day. I'm proud of who I am, not because I'm gay, but because of all I've had to put up with all my fucking life for being gay - what my gay brothers and sisters, and ancestors have had to put up with, and the battles they fought and won so that Chris and I can now buy each other rings and get married.

Imagine being told all your life that there was something wrong with you, wishing and wishing that you could change, hating yourself because there was something so bad inside you that it made your family ashamed, and meant you were going to hell, and were probably a paedophile as well. It makes you feel so desperately horrible that you feel you don't deserve to be in the world. Many many gay people try and make that happen. I did.

So the next time you say "that's so gay" when actually you mean "that's not very good", or the next time you call someone a poof or a dyke, please remember that every day in the UK four gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender young people aged between 12 and 18 take their own life. Because for the whole of their short lives, they have been told that they are sick and wrong and don't deserve to be in the world. That's FOUR every day who succeed. Every day 12 more try, and thankfully fail.

Julia Gasper, you are a terrible, terrible person. I really hope you find a way to stop your hatred.


Kittredge Cherry said...

Audrey and I read with horror your blog post on “the shit I have to deal with every day.” Hang in there! We’re dealing with this s--t too! Nothing like homophobia at holiday time!

(PS - The code required to "prove you're not a robot" and post a comment here sounds to me like Welsh:

Andrew Craig Williams said...

Thanks both. Julia Gasper is a particularly stupid idiot. I guess the American equivalent would be one of the idiot Tea Party lot?

I love how you're seeing Welsh everywhere since meeting me!

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