Monday, 15 August 2005

Man in kilt shocker @ LloydsTSB

There was mayhem in Lloyds TSB Blackhorse in Cardiff on Friday, flashboy can exclusively reveal, as a man in a kilt caused scandal throughout the day.Adam Williams* (28) wore a kilt to work on a 'dress-down day', where employees can wear ordinary clothes (like trainers and jeans). His supervisor Mandy Edwards* (46) quipped jokingly at 9 am - "How long will it be before we get a complaint then Adam?". Within four hours Adam and Mandy's line manager Rob Alnwick* (40) had received a complaint from a member of staff who had found Adam's kilt "offensive".
Mandy was forced to follow company policy and explain the situation Adam, who was understandably unhappy, "I kicked off" he said, feeling that this was discrimination and an infringement of his human rights. Mandy, a very supportive supervisor, conveyed Adam's feelings to Rob. Rob had to speak with Blackhorse's HR department to clarify what the 'business perspective' was.The matter was neatly resolved, however, when HR told Rob that company policy regarding kilts was that men could wear them if they wanted.

Adam Williams thinks this highlights LTSBs admirable policy, but maybe shows a lack of diversity training in that LTSB is currently employing small-minded bigots.**

* Names have been changed to protect identities.
** This represents my opinion, and not the opinion of anybody important enough to get me sued, as freedom of expression is a British citizens right. Similarly, I think Tesco customer service is shit but not as shit as BTs, for instance.

BTW: How do I know this story is true? It happened to me last week.

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