Thursday, 18 August 2005

The Unthinking

After years, pages, blogs, books, a lot of time, a lot of water under the bridge... the unthinking is back.
Plodding slowly but surely through all that stagnant water that is still under the bridge, carefully growing greener with age and algae; the unthinking is relentless like zombies, not content with anything unless it is soiled and spoiled like it's empty rotten heart.
Malcontents often become the unthinking, as do adulterers, peacocks, jumped-up older brothers and stupid ones. The stupid ones make the worst kind, the kind that also whine; but at least that means you can hear when they are getting nearer.Avoid them, my dears. Shun them or burn them, but have nothing to do with them, most importantly of all: never ever ever fall in love with them. They will break your heart, then eat it.

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