Tuesday, 18 October 2005

British cunts

BT take 2 months to tell me they can't supply 2MB broadband, but in the meantime charge me for a service they are not providing me.
Royal Mail charge me £60 to recieve a vintage tux from America, charging me tax on the fucking postage - then can't be bothered to put a note through my letterbox saying they can't fit a parcel through my door.
...and politicians wonder why Britain isn't working? It's because the British suffer from terminal "I'm all right Jack" syndrome - British companies are unwilling to take ownership of problems. Try to get through to the BT complaint line, you'll be waiting for over half an hour every time.Now try and get through to a BT sales line: ooh, it's answered in three rings. BT are happy to make sure that all sales lines are fully staffed because it makes them more money, gets them new customers. Complaint lines for existing customers, who are complaining that BT are taking money from them for sevices they are NOT providing? Fuck 'em. We don't care about our customers, what choice have they got apart from us?I used to work for Tesco, and they used to have an initiative called "You want it, we'll stock it" which stated that if a customer asked Tesco to stock a product, they would. What the small print stated was that, yes, Tesco would stock that product - so long as it had been cleared by head office as an approved product on an approved product list. It was all a big lie. Surprise surprise.British companies are failing, the empire has died. Dismantle Parliment, kill the Queen and wheel in the committee.

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