Thursday, 10 November 2005

BT liars

I saw a BT director talking to Declan on BBC this morning, talking about how BT's profits have gone up 40% in their high speed broadband service. We have been trying to get this service for months now, but an email from BT said that they weren’t planning to upgrade our exchange until late in 2006.Declan read out an email from a man in Pontypridd who couldn't get broadband, and said that most of Wales couldn't, the director disagreed saying that 99.6 - 99.7% of the UK could get high speed broadband; and also that they were making good business with Wales.
I live in CARDIFF, the fucking CAPITAL of Wales. If BT can't provide good service to a country's capital city then they're doing a very poor job indeed. Mr Director also said that they were starting to test an 8MB service today. 8MB, ooh can you imagine? What about the out of date copper lines that need replacing in some of the exchanges, which stop even 1MB broadband being used?
They lie, and I don't even know why I am so surprised. BT is a big fuck off company who gives a shit only about its shareholders, not about its customers. If I could never use them or their shoddy representatives again, I would, but they buy up everything so it's like a fucking monopoly. BT is dead, long live BT.

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