Sunday, 24 January 2010

Gareth Thomas...

...and the Daily Mail. Article here

Best part: "With 100 caps to his name - more than any other player in Welsh history - he has one of the fiercest reputations on the field, and a row of missing front teeth to prove it. At 6ft 3in and 16st of pure muscle, his masculinity has always been an absolute given."

Implying that now he's out, he's no longer masculine. Wtf? Try telling him that to his face, Helen Weathers.

Oh how I loathe those fucking fuckers at the Daily Fail.

1 comment:

Maximus said...

Fuckers indeed.

This has been rumoured for a number of years. I just wish he had come out when he was at the peak of his playing career. That would have made an even bigger difference.

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