Sunday, 24 January 2010

New blogs and resolutions

I never make New Year's resolutions. I used to, but would then feel disheartened when I didn't stick to them. This year, however, I'm brimming with resolutions - and not doing too badly about keeping them. So far ;)

Woke up this lovely Sunday morning full of plans to make porridge with apple sauce and cinnamon (my favourite porridge combination, although hubby has made porridge and jam for me which is also delicious) but we were so full after last night's bolognese that I just made some coffee instead and we stayed in bed and had a cwtsh.

I've been reading so many lovely blogs lately (list in a minute) that I've added a new resolution: I will blog more, take more pictures, and blog more about the crafty things I do. Here are the fab blogs I've been reading:

Creative Yarn
Little Birdie Secrets
Miss Mardi Nowak
The Small Object
Green Bee

Inspirational people, all. They've certainly inspired me. I'll be here more often. See you around I hope x

1 comment:

bodhileaf said...

Good! The world needs you xxx

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