Friday, 14 May 2010

Folksy Friday *14th May 2010*

Looking forward to the weekend, even though I am skint until Monday. I plan to do some writing, crochet more of my blanket, and watch films all weekend long. Bliss.

Theme this week is ‘nonspecific fabulosity’.

Okay, from top left:
Gorgeous driftwood cupboard. Everything in this shop is beautiful.
A very clever, and beautiful, stitched bowl. there are a few in the shop and they are all lovely. I love the way they’ve been named, but the woodland one is definitely my favourite.
Bonkers! But I want one for my new house.
A pretty, tattoo-ish looking pin badge. I also love the medal brooches in this shop.
Fantastic, hand-stitched foxy brooch.
The weird, assembled dolls in this shop are genuinely astounding. I want to see/hear the story of the Clock Keepers Daughters. It sounds like it would make an amazing film – I’m imagining it to be a bit like Mirrormask (which I advise you see, if you already haven’t).

Buy 'em quick before they go!


Mary Elliott said...

Great interesting items, I love that bowl, saw it the other day, very beautiful! Would love to see your crochet blanket when it's done :)))

KataCat said...

Ooh, good collection. Love them all, I choose the Ghost of Kathryn for my FF this week - and love her other, even more disturbing art. Lovely wooden heart, and the bowls are special.

OddSox aka Thesockgarden said...

Wow! I love the things you've chosen - even the weird doll, that's such a cool shop. I've just been to inspect the deer head - it's bloody brilliant! Thanks. You have a cool blog I'm following now. I've just looked down your music list and I now must hear Violently Happy. x (PS I picked Murgatroyds stitched foxes in my FF last week - love 'em) This is me - pop in if you have time :)

NOfkantsCurios said...

The wierd doll ensemble is very unusual and compelling at the same time!

I too had seen the bowl recently and thought stunning!

Natalie x

Anonymous said...

Thanks you for incuding me in your collection Andrew. I love the things you've put together - especialy the bowl and driftwood cupboard.
Oh, and I love my stuff being called disturbing, and even compelling. Great compliments indeed :)
Natasha Morgan

Jeremy [Retro] said...

awesome, says my zombie...

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