Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Aberystwyth Street

I've had the completion date on my house! It's 10th of June... and OMG that's next week!

I'm planning to document the whole process of renovation, redecorating and moving in. With that in mind, here are a few photographs of the house (with the current owner's stuff still in there) which we took on the second viewing; and a few pictures we made of our garden design. Made using Google Sketchup, an amazing free 3D program.

Here's the living room

Here's the master bedroom

Here's the lovely turquoise bathroom, that's coming straight out and a new plain white one installed

Here's the spare bedroom/studio (what that means is LOADS of shelving units, and a table for me to make things on!)

And here are the beautiful 3D garden pictures. And Yes, we will have a secret garden, complete with ivy-covered walls and a garden shrine... always wanted a secret garden!


Janice Ashworth said...

I love secret gardens, we have a secret veg garden you can just glimpse it through an archway but only if you stand in just the right spot, In another year you wont see it at all until you are just about in it

Andrew Craig Williams said...

A real secret garden? Amazing!

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