Saturday, 5 June 2010


I've just watched The Delicious Miss Dahl. The credits are vaguely Quentin Blake-y, and are the same pastel colours as every Shopaholic book. At least I know the audience they're aiming for, and that I'm not it - but how offensive is this programme. Her voiceover during the credits: "I've been as round as Rubens, and a thin slip, and everything inbetween", "Cooking should be an adventure". Please. Cooking should be to make food. We don't all have days to spare like you, Sophie, to wander round antique shops, good fishmongers and cheese shops - and there's no way on Earth you eat like that every day. No fucking way.
She's like Nigella, but without the charm. Or charms! Nigella looks like she eats the food she makes, and good on her.
I love cooking, love nothing more than to spend a whole day making food for my family or friends, but it's not an adventure. An adventure is travelling the world, writing a book, having a baby - cooking is a necessity, Sophie. Stop spouting boring, girly, stereotypical platitudes.

Credits are now rolling at the end of the show. She has a 'food stylist'.

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Kellie said...

i find her a tad 'forced' myself, there is no real passion for food there, very staged...hangin on her grandas coat tails!

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