Monday, 19 July 2010


I went home for the weekend to say goodbye to my parents (they're off to France for five weeks), and to see Justin, Gail and Jess (and get stupidly drunk on cola cube vodka); and my Dad has given me a toolbox full of useful tools to help with renovating the new house. Here is a list of things Patrick and I will be doing in the next five weeks:
*Stripping wallpaper
*Taking up carpets
*Knocking down a partition wall (to open up the living room)
*Knocking plaster off the walls downstairs
*Damproof course (but we're getting someone in to do that)
*Start digging the garden

That's pretty much all we can do without my Dad there, but he'll be busy drinking copious amounts of red wine and eating out in restaurants!

I'm going to book Tuesday (a week tomorrow) off work; Patrick and I are going to sleep in Aberystwyth Street on Monday night in a sleeping bag, I'm so excited! We're going to spend the day mapping out all the rooms on graph paper, and all our furniture as well, so we can start planning where everything is going to go. Fair play, we started off with just a bed and a kitchen table, and we've already got a houseful! Unless we start refusing furniture, we're going to end up living in a junk shop. A beautiful, shabby chic, country living-style junk shop, but a junk shop nonetheless!

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