Monday, 12 July 2010

Y Gegin

Y gegin is Welsh for 'the kitchen', which is what I'm thinking about at the moment. Our new house has a teeny tiny kitchen that we are going to extend in a few years time, so we need to design a dros dro (temporary) kitchen that has maximum storage, and is easily-wipe-down-able. This is because I'm a skinflint who won't pay to have a damproof course done in the kitchen walls, as we are going to knock them down in 2 years time!
I've seen some lovely (and cheap) galvanised shelving units in Ikea. They're £6.99! I want them to store food - cans and things like that.

I love this tiny kitchen redesign. It's actually smaller than our kitchen! If you Google image search 'small kitchen ideas', all the kitchens are huge, not small at all - so I was really pleased to see a proper tiny kitchen, and it's just lovely.

No good for my kitchen, but I love this idea of using an old chest of drawers as an island. I've filed it away in my head for future use.


Jennifer said...

I designed the tiny kitchen with the toile fabric. It was done for a show house and was lots of fun. Just make sure your fabric is treated for stain resistance before you apply it to your cabinets.

I'm glad you like my design

Andrew Craig Williams said...

Wow, I'm glad you saw my post.

Amazing kitchen, it's totally inspired me. Thanks! ;)

bodhileaf said...

Oh oh oh! I love the tiny kitchen...brilliant :) Andy, you have such a fabulous way of bringing everything you write about so alive (and designy stuff like this is also a fave subject of mine so extra exciting LOL). x x x

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