Sunday, 15 April 2012

Designing baby shrugs

I have been busy designing baby clothes for my gorgeous niece. Here they are:

Ruffles (these aren't names, they're descriptions, 'ruffles' would be a terrible name for a shrug!)

Lace and cable

Stripes and crochet

It's actually more difficult designing baby clothes, well it is for me because I'm crap at knowing how small babies are. The stripey shrug will probably fit my niece when she is three!

Not sure about selling the patterns yet: separately, or as a little booklet? Maybe if I come up with another two, then a booklet of 5 patterns would be good value for a tenner.


Mrs. B. said...

Those are so sweet! I have 2 little ones and still get sizing wrong!

'Zann said...

How adorable -- you really should work up two more and do a pattern booklet!

Andrew Craig Williams said...

Thanks Zann, that's my plan!

We Are Bound Together said...

These would be so cute on a little one!

Lynne Rowe said...

Your shruugs look gorgeous. It's really difficult when you don't have a baby to hand for measurements. I' writing a hat book for 30 baby and toddler hats - it's taken me AGES to work out sizes. I think a shrug pattern booklet is a fab idea, good luck x

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