Sunday, 8 April 2012

Stripey cardi

I recently commissioned some wool from in a very special colourway - it's called Jabba's Palace! I'm a massive Star Wars geek, yes. But I didn't want to waste the beautiful wool trying out a pattern for the first time, so I bought some cheap Sirdar Click DK and made a little cardi from this amazing pattern. I'll blog about my lush new wool once I've taken photos.

What can I say? I love it! It knitted up really quickly, and it's comfy and nice to wear. Bloomin' marvellous. I even have enough wool left over to make my baby niece a shrug in the same colours - she'll match Uncle Andrew! How cute will that be?

I added the three square pics because I am currently addicted to Instagram for my Android phone.

I even have a Tumblr to show off the results (and a few things that tickle my fancy!)

1 comment:

'Zann said...

Nice cardi & it looks great on you!

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