Thursday, 12 December 2013

Day 12 - Y Darlun

Day 12 of my ‪#‎MusicalAdventCalendar‬ to raise money for Shelter Cymru. Today is a really old Welsh song, I've loved it since I was little. Nowhere near as good as Cerys Matthews' gorgeous version, but there's no doubting my enthusiasm!

My donation page
What Shelter Cymru does and why they need our help


Kittredge Cherry said...

This is your best yet! Audrey says she hears more emotion in your voice when you sing in Welsh.

I tried to find out what the lyrics meant and discovered this: “Y Darlun (‘The Picture’) … describes the comforting presence beside the poet’s bed of Dűrer’s famous painting depicting two hands clasped in prayer, symbolising God’s care over him. Thank you!

Andrew Craig Williams said...

Aww, thanks Kitt! And thanks to Audrey too - that's such a lovely thing to be told.

Try this:

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