Sunday, 8 December 2013

Day 8 - Un flambeau, Jeanette, Isabelle

Day 8 of my ‪#‎MusicalAdventCalendar‬ to raise money for Shelter Cymru. Today is a beautiful old French carol, I've tried my best, but neither my singing nor French is really good enough - but it's all for charity, so I don't mind if you laugh! I'm having loads of fun while raising money for a brilliant charity!

Don't worry, there's better singing on the way!

My donation page
What Shelter Cymru does and why they need our help


Kittredge Cherry said...

Fantastic! Audrey, a great lover of torches, sang this carol in English when she was a child. I loved the tune without ever knowing the words. I looked it up on Wikipedia and found out this tidbit:

“To this day in the Provence region, children dress up as shepherds and milkmaids, carrying torches and candles to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, while singing the carol.”

Andrew Craig Williams said...

It's a really pretty little tune - just wish I had the voice to do it justice! I had fin though :)

Andrew Craig Williams said...

Oops, fun, not fin!!

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