Monday, 10 July 2017

Little Monsters

When I was a kid I loved all things horror. So why hadn't I heard of this amazing movie from 1989 at the time? I saw it a few years ago when my husband introduced me to it.

Here's the trailer:

Eleven year old Brian finds a monster under his bed - Maurice the monster is actually really cool, and he leads Brian into his exciting world. You can reach the monster world by going under a kid's bed - very much in Monsters Inc. you go through a closet. The land under the beds is way scarier than Pixar's imagination though.

Monsters are susceptible to light, and if you shine a light on them, they turn into a pile of clothes - which is why they only come out at night. If a child goes down there for too long, they will turn into a monster too.

Some of the monsters are actually quite scary. Take this thug:

The most terrifying one is Boy, the leader. He's an overgrown man boy that always gets his way. The whole film feels quite dark for a kid's movie, and has more than a little Tim Burton in it. I really loved it, and wish I'd seen it when I was little.

Bonus video - Aaahh Real Monsters!

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