Monday, 11 September 2017


Back in August, to celebrate being married for one year, Chris and I went to stay on the South Coast of England. We stayed in a little town called Rye, and went on a pilgrimage to Dungeness. 

I've wanted to go to Dungeness since I was about 15. It's where Derek Jarman lived, and where he filmed one of the greatest arthouse movies of all time, The Garden (1990).

It was totally surreal to be there, not just because the landscape itself is so strange, and alien, and beautiful - but because I was walking through The Garden. I walked where Derek Jarman's Jesus walked. I climbed the shingle hill where  characters from the film danced with torches in their hands. I picked holey stones from the beach where Tilda Swinton picked a holey stone.

Chris kept asking me if I was okay, because I was so quiet, but in all honesty - I was overwhelmed. I took photos of the beach, and I did some filming. I want to make a film about my love for Chris, coloured and influenced by Derek's work. His films have inspired me since I first heard of him when I was a teenager.

We went to see his grave, too. It was so peaceful, so lovely. I took a photo of Derek and me. Chris found me a little stone to leave on top of Derek's gravestone.

Dungeness & Rye

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