Tuesday, 28 June 2005

Achy breaky Tuesday

Browbone is aching,
Ibuprofen is swallowed.
My eyes keep closing.

Simon's eyes are dry.
Air-conditioning hinders
His itchy eyesight.

Sleep is not easy.
Well, it has been easier,
I blame the parents.

BBC and me

BBC Streets of Cardiff - Womanby Street Vs Caroline Street

BBC Streets of Cardiff - Back to Richmond Road

Friday, 24 June 2005

ringtonal symphony

£1.50 a call - our kids are addicts
screensavers tones & more
that fucking frog
we have created a

superfluous sub-culture

Stand the power (Suede vs R.E.M.)

Your head is there to move you around give me the power (Although I'm just were trees, the trees would be falling Listen to reason is the common breed) calling Your feet are going disease But give me, give me the power And I'll make the trees would be falling Listen to reason Season is calling If wishes them bleed Give, give me, the ground Your glamorous dream Or belong to a world that's gone, it's the head is there to move you around If wishes were trees, English is there to move you common breed You might live in a screen kiss, it's a around, so Your feet are going to be on to help you along Your feet are going to them bleed Give me, give me the power (Although I'm just the be on the ground) Your head do Just you haven’t before If you are confused, check with the sun Carry give me, give me, give me the power And I'll make a compass youth or if you're down work Now face west Think about the place where you live Wonder why in some satellite town and there's nothing you can a kid on the way If you're far direction Wonder why you haven’t Now stand in the place where you over Africa on the wings of Through endless Asia, through the fields of Cathay or enslaved in Stand in the place where you live Now face north Think about pebble-dash grave to be on the ground

Tuesday, 21 June 2005


Vitamin D rays implode, implore and infuse, they shoulder their way through my cells. Nuclei made golden with light, painted membranes glow. Shining corpuscles shove aside shining phogocytes. The biology may be wrong but the light knows what's right.The muscles are suddenly warmer, inspired to movement, kinetic energy made from light. Energy can be created but never destroyed. That's memory stored in matter, light inside matter, electric thoughts trapped inside flesh.That's why they move. That's why we remember.
We love the light - it shows us that we are alive.

Friday, 3 June 2005

...the last time it happened

Geraint woke slowly. There was pain in his shoulder where he'd lain awkwardly all night, his hand a mess of buzzing nerves and half-felt pins and needles. His mouth needed prising open and was a thousand light years away from water. Then it hit him.Abandoned and deserted. Naked in the desert. Friends who were not friends had stolen his emotion and compassion and made bonfires of his trust. He made two new friends last night, vodka and brandy, they helped him forget the betrayal, and the hundreds of pounds lost forever to a dirty pocketed thief called Alan. Alan and his beauty queen wife - fourteen stone of stoner in too much make-up.
Ger's head felt suddenly lighter, the weight of those tears now released, shed like they should have been last night. He decided to make tea, maybe put a record on.
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