Monday, 17 March 2008

Ban Marriage

I've been talking to Nina recently about getting married: what flowers you'd have, what songs etc. I fell asleep and dreamed I was getting married. I walked in to a Hidden Cameras song, with my Mam, it was lovely. Then at the altar my man says "No, I can't do it. I'm sorry". So I punched him in the face.

Even when I dream it fucks up.

Suggested listening: Ban Marriage - The Hidden Cameras

Dark Days

The night, taking sky.
Take me and urgency,
escapes the trees.
This is no thousand
flickering lights cave in ink across the signal
and flip their way out into take me again.
I'll wait for time, for heroics.
Dark days. An age to spread
like black the cry. A howl growing.

Let me tell you something

In a complete stinker of a mood today! My walkman was on random this morning and 'Cantgetaman, cantgetajob' by Sister Bliss came on, the lyrics are funny and suit how pissed off I am today, so here they are:

Let me tell you something:
Life's a bitch.
I can't pay my bills,
I can't walk my dog,
I can't get a man,
it's just a bitch

Let me tell you something:
Life's a bitch.
The fridge is empty,
the cooker don't work.
Where's my money?
Oh, life is a bitch!

Cantgetaman, cantgetajob

Honey, I'm telling you something:
Life's a bitch.
I can't get a job,
but I don't wanna job.
I just wanna do something else with my time.

Cantgetaman, cantgetajob
Cantgetaman, cantgetajob

You wanna know something else:
There ain't no parties,
no hoedowns,
no good times.
There ain't nothing but the clothes I got on my back.
And guess what?
It's just a bitch!

Cantgetaman, cantgetajob
Cantgetaman, cantgetajob

Oh, life is a bitch!

Friday, 14 March 2008


Here are the recipes for two cocktails I invented.

Ammanford Dusk

Pour half a shot of brandy into a hi-ball glass, top with champagne (or cava if you're skint), then when the bubbles have stopped fizzing - gently pour 5 ml of cassis into the glass.

The cassis should sink to the bottom, so the drink goes from dusky purple to golden yellow. Lovely. A South Wales version of a Tequila Sunrise.


Pour a shot of brandy into a hi-ball glass, half fill the glass with Babysham, top with raspberryade or cherryade. Enjoy with ice and a novelty straw. Warning: gets you shitfaced before you know it. Pink is a favourite of Jenna from The Loves.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

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