Sunday, 21 May 2006

Unrhymed Blodeuwedd

Leaves and green matter filled my throat
As I gasped for air on the morning I was made,

My lungs forced it out. I ripped moss
From my hair and out from behind my eyes.

I stood in a green world blinking daisies
From my vision, dappled meadows instead of sight.

My first exhalation dropped petals on to the grass,
Slow petals, already starting to dry and wither.

Rhymed Blodeuwedd

I was made from the petals of flowers.
Coloured and folded, until the hours

Dragged me awake and I stood in the light.
I was made for a man, not made for life;

Not hunting, feasting ‘til the light falls dim.
Though I had no choice: I chose to kill him.
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