Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Another list

Another list that I nicked from John (but he nicked it from somewhere else so that's okay).

1. Magazines subscribed to - Popbitch, i-D, Dazed.
2. Aside from knitting, my favorite pasttimes are - making things: music, writing, toys, jewels, paintings, banquets, love.

3. If I were not a volunteer co-ordinator/writer/artist (insert your own profession), I would be - still stuck in that hellhole of an office working for a multi-national finance house that, although it makes over 8 billion of profit a year, still treats its staff like shit. So glad I left.
4. I am irrationally worried about - everything, constantly. It's my default setting.
5. If I were the opposite sex - I'd be taller because I'd be wearing heels.
6. The thing I miss most about childhood is - the innocence. Life has twisted me into the cynical bitch you see before you, I miss the innocent little boy I used to be.
7. I like to collect - wool, earrings, buttons,
8. Though I’ve never been there, I feel inexplicably homesick for - Japan. Love the mythology, folklore and customs; and how they've permeated everything from computer games to shoe design.
9. I’ve never really liked to eat - sprouts. Bleurgh! The devil's testicles.
10. When I have nightmares, they’re usually about - Being hurt by the ones I love, or the ones I love dying (usually by werewolves or zombies).

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