Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Stop this madness

What a Daily Mail headline I've come up with there! Which kind of leads on nicely to the point: Look at this blog post. Now don't buy any more books from Waterstones. What a cop-out.

I've emailed this:


I am disgusted and appalled at the lack of support you have shown not only Patrick Jones, but also freedom of expression. You sell the books, but then refuse to allow an author the voice with which to talk about them. I am so very disappointed that you caved under pressure from a fundamentalist group; who advocate rioting and destroying public artwork on one hand, and behaving in a 'Christian' manner on the other. You should be ashamed.

I was a huge fan of Waterstones and bought a lot of books there. I will no longer buy anything from any of your stores.

Yours sincerely
Andy Williams

To Gerry Johnson, UK Director of Waterstones. He caved under pressure from Stephen Green (frontman of fundamentalist crazies Christian Voice) and cancelled a poetry reading by fantastic writer Patrick Jones on the 12th of November. So much for free speech.

I am disgusted by the whole thing, and urge you to write to Mr Johnson at the following email address gerry [dot] johnson [at] waterstones [dot] com.

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