Sunday, 4 April 2010

Folksy Easter *4th April 2010*

Missed another Folksy Friday due to being super busy. So instead, I did a search for egg-related goodies on Folksy, and here are my faves.

Theme this week is 'eggs', duh!

Okay, from top left:
A gorgeous necklace made from real quails eggs, blown then filled with plaster.
Chocolate egg bath bombs. Lush!
Cute egg necklace.
Chocolate-scented egg candle. Genius idea.
A beautiful handmade porcelain egg, assembled in a deep frame. Really delicate.
I wish men could get away with wearing bonkers hats, because I would SO love to wear this bird's nest one!

Happy Easter/Pasg Hapus everyone.

Buy 'em quick before they go!


maricesworld said...

brilliant hat, a bird pooped on my hat the other day (thank god i wear them lol)wonder if it still would have if i was wearing that nest? ;0)

Andrew Craig Williams said...

Lmho! Don't worry, it's meant to be good luck.

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