Thursday, 2 September 2010

Missing streets

They took down a load of streets behind my street. They were on a map dated 1965 and were built in the late 1800s, but are now an industrial estate. If you look closely at Moorland Park you can see the crop lines of the old streets. Where's Tony Robinson when you need him?

I also discovered this evening (thanks to some detective work on Moon Street in Splott was knocked down sometime in the late 50s/early 60s. Here's a picture of it on an old map:

And here's the view looking down Moon Street as it is now:

You can see the grass part curving over the hump where the old road and all the rubble is buried.


Matt said...

Some useful research there - love the map showing old/new Adamsdown at the top. Nice work.

Unknown said...

Just blundered into this via Cardiffians site. Moon Street, Adamsdown, survived until 1972/73. My grandmother lived at No 14 until relocated to the new flats now known as Anderson Place, only 100yds round the corner so we carried everything. Spent every summer holiday 1959-69 there. The thing that made me smile about the place was some residents said it was in Adamsdown, some said Splott and those with aspirations claimed it was Roath !

Andrew Craig Williams said...

Hey Gerald, thanks for commenting! They're working on Moon Street now - I think they're extending the school.
I always though the boundary for Adamsdown and Roath was Broadway, though some say Newport Road - but the boundary between Adamsdown and Splott is definitely the railway... as to which is on "the wrong side of the tracks", I'll leave up to you to decide! :)

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